If you are 5 Star Select business we'll tell a half a million local people about you and keep telling them every day.

Cotswold Select is a showcase for the very best independent businesses in the area. Every selected business gets to demonstrate, in words and pictures, exactly what makes it special. Most importantly it dynamically lists every review you have ever received on the top review websites making it ridiculously simple for your prospective customers to see just what their neighbours think of you and your service and it clearly lists your contact details so they can do business with you easily. Your business page includes our unique Trustindex software which allows you to automatically drive more and more reviews.

Here's what you get when you become a Cotswold Select business. 

Words that sell.

Up to 500 well chosen words will tell your story. Your chance to document exactly what makes your service or product Extra Special. Our expert copy writers will bring the best out of your words and if things change then you get a chance to update your story.

Images that sell.

Add up to 4 stunning images of your service, product or even your finished projects. We'll help you choose great images and if you don't have any don't worry because we'll send a Professional Photographer to capture the best of what you do.

Click to contact

We make it easy for your new customers to get in touch. One click sends an email. One click calls your phone and one click opens your website. So no matter if our users are on a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone they are only one click from interacting with you directly.

Stay Connected

The most connected businesses are the most successful so we keep you interacting with your own community of customers. Your Cotswold Select business page is connected to every one of your Social Media accounts and if you don't happen to have any we'll show you how to get connected.


The giants of the web are dynamically connected to your Cotswold Select page. Every recommendation from Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Booking.com and Linked-in are listed on your page and every time you receive a new review on any of these sites your Cotswold Select page updates dynamically. Our unique software means that it's ridiculously simple for your new customers to choose you.

Screen Shot-Video.jpg
Video Sells

Upgrade your page by adding a moving slide show or video to get your audience moving. It's a great way to animate your story and of course you can use it across all of your Social Media, on your website and within your email signature. If you don't have one we'll create one for you right down to the choice of images and great headlines and copy.

See how your customers interact with Cotswold Select

It couldn't be simpler. If you need a select service  click the search box enter your choice; maybe 'Landscaper' and our Selected Landscapers will be offered. If they know the name of the business they want to research then they simply enter that in the 'Search Business Name'. Your customer can read your details, check out your reviews and contact you directly from the page. They can search again as many times as they like and it costs them nothing.

Here's how we promote your Select business page

Cotswold Select can be found at the top of the Google Search, you'll find it popping up increasingly across the Facebook platform, on Instagram and on twitter. Where ever you find Cotswold Select you'll find your business. As each day passes so does our reach. We talk to an audience reach of 500,000 people but what is particularly special is that they are your neighbours. Most are within a 15 minute drive from you.

A dynamic business network without leaving your office.

All of our Select Businesses share a common aim. They offer a 5 Star service and have great reviews from satisfied customers. They are all enterprising and successful and are signed up to our vision of taking local business to Extra Large. As a result of your decision to join us you'll get to access the network so if Business to Business is your thing then you've arrived!

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