Who else wants their shop selling on-line

24 hours a day, 7 days a week from less than £7 a day?

Whilst your business is closed your competitors are still doing business on-line every hour of the day, every day of the week. Our experts can get your e-commerce shop built and trading in as little as two weeks.  The CotswoldXL Start-Up Store includes all you need to start trading on the web and as you grow so we can grow the features that make you more efficient and profitable.

What’s included?

Your Corporate Logo and Branding

Tailoring template for a specific business

Upload products from CSV or Excel

Manually upload up to 50 products

Configuring VAT settings

Configuring delivery terms & Click and Collect

Multi currencies support

Configuring Best Sellers, New Products & Specials

Configuring SEO settings

2 hours of training

Here's what you get.

Fully functional online E-Commerce website.

One year of hosting

SSL certificate (Encrypted link for Security)

*Your web store is simple to maintain yourself but if you feel you can't or simply don't want to then we will do it for you. Our support packages start from as little as £9.95 a week.

*Our weekly fee is shown for comparison purposes only. A single build fee is charged at the outset of the project. Every site is by quotation.

The CotswoldXL E-commerce store integrates with these major players

So when you are ready to grow we're ready to support you.

Here are the benefits.

No hidden costs

No maintenance fees*

SSL certificate (Encrypted link for Security)

Extend your trading hours.

Extend the area you cover. Nationally if you wish.

Extend your product range.

Build a database of your customers

Stay in touch with offers and updates

No extra Staff, Stock or Premises costs.

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