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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Living with COVID-19 is something that we are all going to have to get used to for quite some time to come. It's not going away anytime soon and we can't stay locked down as a Country, let alone a business, for the next two years. So we have to find a new way of working.

What's the big idea?

At CotswoldXL our big idea was to bring amazing software and skills to every small and micro business in the area at a price that made it mad not to be in on the game! Events, however, overtook our launch but be assured that is exactly what is gong to happen one way or another.

Safety First.

We've put that on hold for a day or two but following this crisis the service becomes more essential than ever. Every business needs to get ready to GO again and with us it's GO EXTRA LARGE but before that you need to work out a way of trading safely for both you and your customers.

Sanitise your hands and your surfaces.

Even if they lift the lock down today the question is "will your customers come back?" If they don't feel safe they won't, so we've commissioned these highly visible sanitising stations so that your customers can see that you mean business when it comes to their safety.. If you don't make it easy for them to Social Distance and to Sanitise they'll walk right on by! Not only do you need to keep all your surfaces, door handles and equipment clinically clean you have to show your customers that you're doing it. Confidence is what will bring them back.

Is there a shortage of Hand Sanitiser?

There is but it's getting better the manufacturers are catching up. We've got plenty to go with our first 100 Stations so get your name down fast. As The CotswoldXL Hand Sanitiser Station continues to come off the production line so is the 'gel' so every one will be delivered with enough supplies to get you going with plenty of backup held ready for when you need it. We're supplying in 5 litre containers so you can refill your station easily. By the way, both the Sanitiser Gel and The Hand Sanitiser Station are made in Britain so that we are completely in charge of our own destiny.

Let's get this bit done first and then we can start working on getting your business going again.

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