CotswoldXL is an all new and exciting multimedia promotions company conceived to take your business to Extra Large. Its unique subscription service is an invaluable business tool with an enviable return on investment.

Our unique blend of real people and machine learning will drive profit to your bottom line from day one. Smart thinking and clever software makes XL an invaluable team member! No onerous contracts. No unexpected bills.




A team of talented experts bring experience spanning digital marketing, online and offline promotions, advertising and sales. Your own multi-talented marketing team at a fraction of the cost that you might expect.




Our modular marketing system is affordable for even the smallest business and quickly pays for itself. Our services are tailored to your businesse's individual needs and are designed to grow as you become more successful. These are just a few...

Case Studies



Find out how we tripled the footfall of a local bricks and mortar business in under three weeks or how we took over a local food stores Facebook page and elevated the reach from 17 to 7,000 in days.

We're proud to share our success 

"We signed up with Cotswold XL and within three weeks the footfall to our Cafe had tripled. Unbelievable? We thought so too but our figures proved it beyond doubt. These guys have a mix of experience, expertise and clever software stuff that frankly I don't fully understand but it certainly worked for us. They've since asked me if they can publish our experience as a Case Study and I am very happy with that because I think every small business should get a chance to access their service and by the way we are third generation Farmers so we take care when we invest but this investment paid off big time!" | Tower House, Herbery Courtyard, Blackminster Business Park, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 7RE, UK

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